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Canadian or Lesbian?

Canadian or Lesbian?
How to Tell the Difference?

Hot, Canadian babes are often hard to tell apart from hot, lesbian babes. They share many common characteristics. Why is this important? If you are a man, trying to pick up a lesbian babe can be difficult and may result in embarassing public rejections. If you are a lesbian that isn't too discriminating, a Canadian lesbian can often be acquired for the price of a beer.

Why are they hard to tell apart? The following picture points out the confusing areas of concern:

So how do you tell them apart? Luckily, there are glaring differences that with a little practice can be easy for the connoisseur to identify. The following table highlights these differences:

Would never let anyone named Stanley cup her ass
Would drink a quart of Labatts from Stanley's cup
Broad shoulders and sensible shoes Broad shoulders and CCMs
Prefers to score between periods Prefers to score during a period
Pubic hair moustache on upper lip Molson moustache on upper lip
Suffers from chronic muff jaw Suffers from living in Moose Jaw
Little or no stick work She makes up for her lack of size with great stickhandling, a nasty wrist shot and her hip check is a beauty, eh?

Published on: 2004-08-05 (25984 reads)

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