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Joint Task Force Two (JTF2)

Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) is the Canadian Armed Forces elite counter-terrorist/special operations unit. Although the Joint Task Force is trained in counter-terrorism, it is believed that the unit operates more like an SAS-type special operations force. JTF2's exact roles and missions, however, are not made public.

JTF2 is so secretive that it's size, weapons, training and force commander are not made public. In fact, members of the Canadian Forces know very little information about the Joint Task Force themselves.

  • Activated: April, 1993 following the hand-over of counter-terrorist duties from RCMP to the Canadian Armed Forces.

  • Headquarters: Dwyer Hill Training Center, Ontario believed to include a CQB(close-quarter battle)facility, an 8-story building for hostage-rescure, a DC-10, a bus, a multi-million dollar shooting range, gymnasium, and olympic-sized swimming pool.

  • Start-up costs: believed to be around $20 million Cdn. Reports recently indicate that JTF2's budget is closet to $40 million Cdn. However, actual figures remain classified.

  • Team Composition: the actual size of JTF2 remains classified. However, it is believed the unit is 250 operators strong. JTF2 is commanded by a Lieutenant-Colonel and members are selected from volunteers in the army, navy, and air force. Only the fittest and most capable armed soldiers were approached by unit CO's for tryout into JTF2. They are organized into 2 or 4-man teams known as "bricks". Each "brick" has a specialty (communications, sniping, etc.) A 20-30 man troop is commanded by a Captain.

  • Miscellaneous: JTF2 is deployed on each and every single large scale peackeeping mission, although it is not clear as to their roles classified. Reports indicate that the Canadian has secretly expanded JTF2's counter-terorist role to include roles similiar to those conducted by other special operations units. It has been discovered that JTF members reportedly train Canadian military snipers for overseas missions.

  • Equivalent Organizations
    • British SAS
    • American Special Forces
    • Germany's Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG-9)
    • Australian Special Air Service Regiment
    • French GIGN

Published on: 2004-08-05 (22762 reads)

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